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Recognized nationally for innovation, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is a leader in treating burns, spinal cord and brain injuries, cancer, heart ailments and other conditions. 

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Providing high-quality care to generations of valley residents, O’Connor Hospital is an award-winning asset to the community known for delivering babies, cancer treatment, cardiac care, advanced wound care and other services.

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An important healthcare resource for South County residents, St. Louise Regional Hospital offers expert care for emergencies, stroke care, wound care, a family-centered birth center with private patient rooms, and many other services.

Access to Care —

More hospitals and clinics.
More innovative healthcare.
Discover how our coming together
makes it easier to find care, no matter
where you live in the valley.

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Together, our hospitals and clinics far and wide provide a broad range of services and care across Santa Clara County.


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Serving Our Community

Santa Clara Valley Healthcare is part of the diverse community we serve.
We're rooted here as fellow neighbors in this unique valley, as local as healthcare can be.


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Expert Care

By working together, we bring even more healthcare expertise to our community by sharing knowledge and resources throughout our hospitals and clinics.



To learn more about Santa Clara Valley Healthcare or to book a Primary Care appointment, please call our Valley Connection phone number at (888) 334-1000.