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The spirit of caring for others in the Santa Clara Valley has been a core value in our community for nearly 150 years, and that spirit is even stronger today. The founding of our three hospitals — Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (1876), O’Connor Hospital (1889) and St. Louise Regional Hospital (1989) — created the roots of our healthcare delivery system that continues to grow and evolve.

In 2019, our hospitals and clinics far and wide formed Santa Clara Valley Healthcare (SCVH) to best serve the residents of Santa Clara County, a population of nearly 1.9 million people and counting.


SCVH was established locally and is managed locally — to meet the unique healthcare needs of our county. At Santa Clara Valley Healthcare, the “Power of We” is focused on “You” and how to best serve our community: 

  • We are from and for the communities of Santa Clara County. 
  • We are united in our dedication to wellness, as one integrated healthcare system. 
  • We are unwavering in the belief that everyone deserves compassionate care. 
  • We act upon a deep sense of responsibility for the community. 
  • We bring honesty and integrity to all facets of our work. 
  • We constantly strive to deliver the highest clinical performance and innovative best practices. 


Our core mission at Santa Clara Valley Healthcare is to put the health of every individual first. We make decisions based on our community’s health needs and will treat anyone who needs care, since helping all helps our entire valley.  

  • We are compassionately inclusive with the diverse people we serve.
  • We speak the languages of the people who live here.
  • We are committed to providing access to high-quality care for everyone, including those without housing, people with disabilities and patients with chronic health issues.  


Residency Program

Residents studying together

We’ve trained 1 in 4 doctors across the Silicon Valley, and we’ve been educating physicians on how to serve at-risk patients for more than 50 years. Because of this, we’ve earned the reputation as a superior clinical training program whose expertise and compassion inspire providers from all over the area. 

To learn more about Santa Clara Valley Healthcare, or to book a Primary Care appointment,
please call our Valley Connection phone number at (888) 334-1000.