The Power of WE


“We” is a powerful word. It means togetherness and collaboration. So much can happen when “We” team up to work for the benefit of all. In Santa Clara County, our community has always rallied to help save lives — especially in times of major emergencies, fires or the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2019, we made our county’s healthcare delivery system even stronger by combining the forces of our hospitals and clinics across the valley to support the health of us all.

Now called Santa Clara Valley Healthcare, the facilities at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, O’Connor Hospital, St. Louise Regional Hospital and all Valley Health Center clinics across the county are part of the same family. The expanded healthcare services offered by Santa Clara Valley Healthcare mean that our diverse community now has easier access to high-quality care across the valley.



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For our doctors, nurses, providers, front-line workers, medical staff and administrators, the strength of “We” is centered around “You” and our entire valleywide community. Together, we’re focused on supporting your health, now and in the future. At Santa Clara Valley Healthcare, the “Power of We,” as shared in our brand anthem, is what we believe in:


There’s a lot of good people can do by teaming up.
The power to do more together, than alone.
Especially when it comes to healthcare.
That’s why we three hospital systems came together.
Uniting for the public good.
For more access to the kind of forward-thinking healthcare
everyone here in this amazing valley deserves.
As “We,” we can be in more places, down the street, around the corner, 
with more innovative care, more shared expertise 
and more services for all communities, valleywide. 
Yes, a little bit of “We” can go a long way 
to face health’s challenges and its joys. 
We are now Santa Clara Valley Healthcare; 
we will always be here looking out for the health and humanity of us all. 

Doing everything we can to keep the entire Santa Clara Valley community 
as healthy as can be. 
That’s the Power of We — 
now and in the future. 

Santa Clara Valley Healthcare
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center – O’Connor Hospital – St. Louise Regional Hospital
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To learn more about Santa Clara Valley Healthcare, or to book a Primary Care appointment,
please call our Valley Connection phone number at (888) 334-1000.